About us

Our company, operating in the corrugated packaging industry, was established in 2007. Our business, which has grown steadily since its foundation, is now...

Our Mission

To maximize customer satisfaction with quality production, fast delivery, precise solutions, to our customers by using the best products with the latest technology...

Our Vision

To understand the needs of our customers, to save themselves while solving their problems, thus to achieve high customer satisfaction and to be the leader company in its sector.

Our Quality Policy

Our company, which has adopted the principle of quality as a system approach, as the basic input of customer requests and expectations in all its processes (including management)...
Turkey's domestic packaging manufacturer

Çardak Ambalaj, your reliable partner in the sector for 15 years

You can contact us from the contact form below to meet the quality of Çardak Ambalaj. Our special customer representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Our social responsibility policy

As Çardak Ambalaj, we protect our natural beauties and work to keep them alive.

As Çardak Ambalaj, we produce recyclable products.
We carry out social responsibility projects.
We regularly donate saplings to the forests of our country every year.
We do not use any raw materials that are harmful to nature.
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