Turkey's domestic packaging manufacturer

Çardak Ambalaj, your reliable partner in the sector for 15 years

Our company, operating in the corrugated packaging industry, was established in 2007. Our establishment, which has grown steadily since its establishment, is now located in Çayırova-Gebze-Kocaeli region, in a total area of ​​5.000 m2, including 3.000 m2 closed and 2.000 m2 open, in every size, model and quality suitable for customer demands, B wave, C wave, E wave and BC + BE produces wave corrugated cardboard boxes.

Our company regularly follows the latest innovations in its sector in order to ensure customer satisfaction and make the company progress smoothly. In this context, our machine park consists of a system based on automation rather than labor-intensive works using the latest technologies. Our current installed production capacity is 750 tons / month. We are at a level to increase this capacity according to the need situation.

One of our company’s main philosophies is to invest in the right person. The quality, development and performance of the human resources are extremely important for both the customer and the supplier in team play. We know very well that the right product and satisfied customer are provided only by organizations that are well-designed and equipped with the right tools (office, software, etc.).

Regular training programs are followed in our company. The training events are definitely measured. Conscious and educated human resources will be beneficial for both him, his company and his country. All our staff work with this awareness.

Our Mission

To maximize customer satisfaction with high quality production, fast delivery, precise solutions and to offer “cost effective” and environmentally friendly products to our customers by using the best products with the latest technology.

Our Vision

To understand the needs of our customers, to save themselves while solving their problems, thus to achieve high customer satisfaction and to be the leader company in its sector.

Our Quality Policy

Our company, which has adopted the principle of quality as a system approach, has adopted customer demands and expectations as a basic input in all its processes (including management) and has created the necessary quality plans to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and ensure its continuity.