Offset Box

Printed parcels are custom made up to 3 colors according to the wishes of the companies. Since they are produced with flexo printing technique, they are produced with water based inks.

Customers generally cannot differentiate between Flexo printing technique and Offset printing technique, Flexo printing technique is produced with water-based inks as we mentioned above, and printing is carried out with the help of Rubber Cliches or Cyrel Cliches at the printing stage, whereas in Offset printing this system is different. Printing inks are used as the type of ink in the works. Offset printed boxes and parcels are applied by film, not through the church.

For example, it was possible to obtain one-to-one photo printing of your product on Offset Printed Boxes and Boxes upon request. For example, mobile phone boxes are produced with offset printing technique, there is no color limit and color limit is not sought, but the color limit is strictly sought in the flexo printing system and the color limit is limited to 3 colors.

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